18 Great Podcasts for Language Professionals

Great Podcasts

Listen up!

Are you tired of those long nights staring at the same screen, waiting for that lightbulb moment? Still searching for that extra piece of information to satisfy your desire to learn? Not anymore!

Check out our personal selection of podcasts (all in English) on translation, copywriting, editing and all sorts of language-related topics.

There’s a little of something for everyone here, so make sure to keep your ear to the ground. You never know when you’re going to find that nugget of information that makes all the difference.

Translation Podcasts

Speaking of Translation: Eve Lindemuth Bodeux and Corinne McKay address all manner of translation topics, including translation tools and techniques, as well as business and marketing tips.

Globally Speaking: hosted by Renato Beninatto and Michael W. Stevens, this podcast focuses on topics such as localisation, globalisation and content marketing.

Translators on Air: hosted by Dmitry Kornykhov and Elena Tereshchenkova, this weekly live talk show invites translators and interpreters to discuss a wide range of subjects, such as video game localisation or working with self-published authors.

Interpreting Podcasts

Troublesome Terps: Jonathan Downie, Alexander Gansmeier, and Alexander Drechsel interview a selection of guests and discuss a variety of interpretation-related topics, such as remote interpretation or interpreting research.

In Other Words: Language Neutral: in this weekly podcast, Berthine Crevecoeur West addresses topics such as note-taking, interpreting ethics or healthcare interpretation, amongst others.

Copywriting Podcasts

Geniuses of Copywriting: Brian Cassingena interviews renowned copywriters, marketers, and persuaders, who share their personal experiences and insights from the industry, as well as the occasional secret.

Hot Copy: hosted by Belinda Weaver and Kate Toon, this podcast features interviews with copywriters addressing topics such as ghost-writing, collaborative copy or working with agencies.

Copyblogger FM: this is a weekly podcast hosted by Darrell Vesterfelt and Tim Stoddart. With the help of a rotating panel of experts, the hosts delve into a variety of subjects related to content marketing and copywriting.

Editing Podcast

The Editing Podcast: Denise Cowle and Louise Harnby lead you on a journey through the wonderful world of editing. Whether you’re an author wishing to improve your writing or an editor looking for useful advice or ways to perfect your skills, this podcast is for you.

Language Teaching Podcasts

Tea with BVP: this is a weekly podcast hosted by Bill Van Patten, Angelika Kraemer, and Walter Hopkins focusing mainly on the learning, teaching, and acquisition of secondary languages.

We Teach Languages: in this weekly podcast, Stacey Johnson interviews language teachers to discuss all sorts of topics related to teaching languages, such as pronunciation, listening, interpreting and educational tools, amongst others.

Language Latte: in this podcast, Becky Morales and a number of teachers from all over the world get together to discuss some of the best resources and strategies that teachers can use to help their students attain a higher level of proficiency in a given language.

Marketing and Entrepreneurship Podcasts

Marketing Tips for Translators: renowned translator Tess Whitty and a selection of guests share valuable insights and offer great advice to freelance translators and interpreters who are struggling to develop their business and market their services.

High-Income Business Writing Podcast: hosted by successful freelancer Ed Gandia, this podcast is dedicated to freelance writers and copywriters looking to develop business strategies and grow their client bases.

Marketing School: Neil Patel and Eric Siu offer daily marketing advice to give your freelance business the boost it really needs.

Language and Grammar Podcasts

A way with words: Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett host an upbeat weekly podcast focused on all sorts of language trivia, such as etymologies, dialects, neologisms, and controversies.

The World in Words: hosted by Patrick Cox and Nina Porzucki, this podcast addresses a variety of language-related topics, such as bilingualism, the origins of language or curse words.

Grammar Girl: in her award winning podcast, Mignon Fogarty provides clear and solid explanations on a wide range of grammar concepts, so you can perfect your language skills and write like a pro.

Now pick up your headphones, grab a cup of coffee, and get comfy for a good listen!

Oh, and if you enjoyed this or our other blog posts, or if you have some feedback or suggestions on topics you would like us to cover, make sure to let us know. We’re all ears.

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