6 Fun Marketing Tasks For The Holidays

Fun Marketing Tasks

Perhaps you’re not exactly a fan of marketing… but it needn’t be dull. We’ve come up with 6 useful marketing tasks you can do over the holidays that might actually be fun!

1. Send postcards to your best clients

Everyone loves to be remembered and a postcard is a lovely treat. They’re fun, visual and easily readable. Whether it’s a regular client that keeps sending you work or the best paying agency ever, postcards help strengthen professional bonds as they show you’re grateful, loyal and happy to collaborate.

Enjoy a lazy afternoon downtown and have fun looking for the perfect postcard with a particular client in mind. If you’re abroad, choose a distinctive image of the country you’re visiting (from quirky windows to famous monuments) or something language-related to show how much you love your job.

Sending postcards to clients you’d like to get more work from could be a good reminder that you’re still there and available.

Just make sure when writing your message that you use the same tone for all communication.

And just in case you need something specifically designed for you, let us know what you need and we’ll be happy to help!



2. Take photos for your social media and blog

Instead of using stock photos on your Instagram posts, consider taking your own shots to make your social media marketing more personal. Those breathtaking sunsets and amazing landscapes will be perfect paired with an inspiring quotation, while photos of historical places, traditional celebrations or a local dish can illustrate more cultural content.

You don’t have to go big. Look for the smaller details as well. The leaves of an exotic plant or your feet on silky sand will also look great on a well-crafted blog post. The possibilities are endless – a great opportunity to get creative!

Don’t worry about your (as of yet) unexplored photography skills – you’ll get the hang of it with time. Try different angles and play with close-ups and the zoom. Consider using an online editing tool to make your pictures pop, and you’re ready to publish!

If you need help with editing or want something adapted to your business, our design services have got you covered.


3. Collect linguistic and cultural info

What could be more fun for a language professional than learning about other languages and cultures? If you usually holiday overseas, gather interesting linguistic and cultural information, such as fun facts, curiosities or stats about the place you’re visiting.

You can find inspiration from a variety of sources: maps, travel guides, museum leaflets, restaurant menus, websites and TV shows.

When you’re back to work, plan a series of Facebook posts, blog articles or LinkedIn musings to share all that precious content with your audience.

Let us know if you need any help designing your posts!



4. Make videos in appealing settings

Just as your holiday photos can be used to illustrate blog articles or social media posts, video is another great visual element to add to your content strategy. Not only are they the most on-trend marketing tool at the moment, they’re also an appealing way to engage with your audience.

Take advantage of your holiday setting, whether it’s a beautiful house by the sea or a ski resort overlooking the mountains, and give your professional videos some creative flair and a touch of realism.

From cultural aspects, like tips on how to do business with natives, to language lessons, you can cover a wide range of useful topics against an appropriate backdrop that will certainly draw in your audience. Who knows? This might be the starting point for your long-dreamed-of language vlog!

If you already do video journaling, all the more reason to keep producing content while on holiday. You can talk about a specific daily topic or describe an interesting episode from that day. Remember always to focus on information relevant to your audience.

Our team of creatives can help edit your videos and give them that final touch that makes all the difference. We’re just one email away!


5. Find content in your own language

When travelling abroad and bumping into a text in their own language, some people find themselves checking it for errors. Sound familiar? Have you ever come across a text that could be improved? Do you often think you would have done a better job? Then go for it!

If you scan every caption at a museum, leave your business card with the staff and tell them you’re available to help improve their content and communication. If you’ve bought a travel guide, email the publisher and tell them about your professional services.

Confused by that menu at lunch? Contact the restaurant to introduce yourself and suggest a better translation. You’ll definitely gain some points should they decide to retranslate or proofread their material.


6. Be inspired by beautiful places

Are you out of ideas for new blog posts?

Do you need a new marketing strategy?

Are you planning on rebranding?

Relax. Take advantage of that beautiful beach, the peace of the countryside, or a balcony with views over the city, and take some time to think about your business while you’re away from your stressful daily routine.

Sometimes the best ideas come precisely when we’re out of our offices and enjoying ourselves. Being in a different environment can be the secret ingredient to having a ‘eureka’ moment or unlocking your next best idea! Should this happen, you’ll want to write everything down, so don’t forget to take a notebook with you.


Whether you’re a true workaholic or someone who dreads marketing, these 6 fun tasks will help you keep your business in mind during the holidays while having your deserved share of fun.

Are there any other enjoyable professional tasks you usually do when you’re out of the office? We’d love to hear all about them!

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