Our Story

The journey began when a language entrepreneur decided she would create her own marketing materials. For a professional result, she started learning design and happily plunged into the intriguing world of colour, shape, and type.

She quicky realised that she loved creating layouts, choosing colours, and playing with fonts. She designed her own logo, business card, CV, brochure, and website – and truly enjoyed every stage of the process! That was it: she had fallen in love with design.

But there was still something missing. She couldn’t keep this gift to herself. Colleagues near and far were struggling to give their businesses the polished edge they need to take things to the next level. She knew what she had to do.

The first design clients came in no time and the one-woman band rapidly evolved into a husband and wife team. Recently, we have joined forces with equally passionate creatives and grown into a close-knit company, providing the expert design services we once needed.

We believe in entrepreneurship

People who create their own jobs so they can do what they love for a living have our utmost respect and admiration. Our goal is to support that dream by offering affordable, hassle-free services.

 With language and translation backgrounds, our core team run their own freelance businesses as translators, copywriters, and teachers.

 By helping other language professionals thrive, we feel we’re contributing to the professionalization and credibility of the language industry. And we love it!


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