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We provide a wide range of services to language entrepreneurs who want to turn their crafts into polished businesses.

We want to support you in this exciting journey, whether you need to refresh your existing visual elements or build a whole brand from scratch.

We analyse each project individually and provide a quote according to your needs and preferences.

From logo design to translation, find out how we can help your language business grow.

Logo Design

Your logo is the face of your business and creating the right one should be as important as the quality of your services. After all, when you invest in a logo, you are:

● creating a professional image that grabs attention
● telling your audience you’re serious about business
● separating yourself from competition
● building trust

We will ensure your logo represents your professional self, is original and memorable, speaks to your audience, and matches any existing visual elements you may already have.

Your logo pack includes:

● A questionnaire to assess your needs
● A set of relevant concepts to choose from
● Several rounds of changes to make sure you’re happy
● High resolution files
● Several formats for print and digital purposes
● A short guide for brand consistency
● All the support and advice you may need along the way

Print Design

We design any type of layout that is meant for printing.

Good design can be an ambassador for your business and convince potential clients that you’re a skilled and competent language professional they can rely on.

Whether you need the branding basics or want to go big — say, publish a book, promote a course, or organise a conference — we can design and tailor every element to your needs.

Although our design packs don’t usually include the printing service itself, we can take care of that too. Just let us know the volume needed and where to send your materials.

We create:

● Business cards
● Letterheads
● CVs & resumes
● Quotes
● Invoices
● Brochures
● Event stationery
● Posters
● Flyers
● Cards & postcards
● Books & covers
● Rollups

This is what your print design pack includes:

● A questionnaire to assess your needs
● Several rounds of changes to make sure you’re happy
● High resolution files
● Several formats to suit every need
● All the support and advice you may need along the way

Digital Design

Digital design is anything that is created to be viewed on a screen. In a digital world, investing in digital elements is a powerful way to grab your audience’s attention.

When potential clients come across your social media profiles, website, emails or e-books, you don’t want them to click on past. That’s where we come in.

Our digital design services help your business look good online, from a simple email signature to branded invoices for your most loyal clients. We make sure your business is appealing, inspires credibility and keeps its visual consistency across all media.

We can help you with:

● Email signatures
● Digital CVs & resumes
● Digital brochures
● Digital quotes
● Digital invoices
● Social media visuals
● Website banners
● Newsletters
● Ebooks
● Digital event stationery
● Event presentations
● Ecards

Your digital design pack includes:

● A questionnaire to assess your needs
● Several rounds of changes to make sure you’re happy
● High resolution files
● Several formats to suit every need
● All the support and advice you may need along the way

Website Design

Having an ineffective website is as harmful to your business as copy littered with mistakes.

A good website makes your visitors want to stay and explore what you have to offer them. We always put your clients first — that’s why our websites are user-friendly, responsive, and optimised for search engines.

Our team can take care of virtually everything for you, from buying a domain package and hosting services to copywriting, image selection and on-page SEO. If you already have hosting or would prefer to write the content yourself, just let us know and we’ll send you a tailored proposal.

We can help you with:

● Multilingual websites
● Websites with blogs
● Landing pages
● Online shops for your translation packs, copywriting bundles, or e-learning language courses

Need some dynamic features for your website like a live chat window, an e-book download button, or a newsletter subscription field? We can help. Thinking about eye-catching banners, icons, and illustrations tailored to your brand identity? Being creative is our speciality.

After your website is published, we can still help with content management, updates, and any technical issues you might struggle with. Just ask for our hourly or monthly packs.

Don’t miss the chance to reach your ideal clients and land dream projects.


In the visual world we live in, photography has become indispensable for both freelancers and companies to connect to their audiences.

The photos you choose to use online and offline represent your brand and stock images don’t always do the trick. As a freelancer, your clients want to know the person behind the service.

By investing in photography services, you’re creating relevant content for your audience, from your website, to social media pages, blog posts, promotional materials, brochures and newsletters.

Our team of experienced professionals will capture the essence of your business, adapt shoots to your style and requirements and offer advice to get the best out of your ideas.

We can meet you anywhere in the world. Just get that tea brewing!

Our photography services for language pros include:

● Flat photo session rates
● Professional photography and lighting equipment
● Single-shooter and multi-shooter options
● Photo editing and retouching
● Highest-quality image files
● Total photo library access with full usage rights

Video production & editing


Videos are a creative, engaging way of sharing useful content with your audience.

Are you thinking of incorporating video in your content marketing strategy? Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll come up with the best solution for your project.

The good news is that you don’t need a large budget to make high-quality, professional videos.

Whether you need us to produce a video from scratch or edit something you’ve recorded yourself, we can help you make an impact for:

● Conferences
● Social & industry events
● Web headers & backgrounds
● Online courses & tutorials
● Social media
● Testimonials & interviews
● How-to videos
● Short promos

From scripting to post-production, our professional team has the necessary experience to cover all the stages of the video process.

Our video services include:

● Flat hourly rates
● Professional video and lighting equipment
● Single-camera and multi-camera shoots
● Live to tape video
● Scriptwriting & storyboarding
● Video editing
● 2D & 3D graphics
● Motion graphics
● Visual effects
● Raw video
● Full HD, UHD & 4K
● Total access with full usage rights

Although we’re based in Portugal, our video pros will gladly travel the world for a good motion adventure.

Website Copywriting

Writing for your target audience can be quite daunting, especially if your goal is to persuade them to hire your language services.

It’s not enough to communicate in grammatically correct sentences – you need a little bit of pixie dust. That’s what we do.

Our professional copywriters will use all their creative talent to produce well crafted, SEO-friendly content that resonates with your audience.

Whether you’re looking for a piece of clear, formal copy or a more creative approach, our talented copywriters will adapt to the tone and goal you have in mind.

We can work together on website copywriting services in English, Spanish, and European Portuguese. Need a different language? Talk to us!


As a word nerd, you’re aware that well written text can work wonders for your business, whether it’s a marketing email or an “About me” page.

This is also true for translation. A well translated text can take you beyond borders and help build trust with your new audience.

Are you a copywriter building a website in a foreign language? Or a subtitler planning to sell a professional e-book abroad? Or perhaps an interpreter who wants to explore a foreign market?

Be confident in any language, country, or market.

You can rely on our network of professional translators to adapt your carefully crafted content to a new audience and culture, from one-page CVs to books and websites. Our translators are all native in their target languages to ensure your message has the same impact on your foreign audience.

Whatever you need translation for, we will deliver a clear, fluent, and consistent text that reflects both the content and form of the original piece.

Looking for translation services in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, or Portuguese? We’re here to help!


Read what other language professionals are saying about our work

“Designing Translations is the go-to team if you need that spot-on design for your translation business branding. Their knowledge of the industry allows them to always deliver insightful designing solutions, regardless of your specialisms and/or services provided. I am personally very happy with my new logo and overall brand design and will always recommend Designing Translations work.”


“I asked Designing Translations to design a logo because I wanted to do everything just right for my new copywriting business. And I was lucky to have found them. They asked all the right questions in order to know what I wanted and from the first batch of suggestions I had a hard time choosing, they were all great! They always reacted promptly which – believe me – is great if you’re excited to see your new logo. If ever I need more design work I won’t look elsewhere. Highly recommended!”


“Building a website that reflects a client’s personal identity is no easy task. Clients should patiently communicate their needs and service providers should carefully listen and take notes to ensure the best possible results. When I asked Designing Translations to redesign my website, I was sure I had made the right choice, and in the end all my expectations were met. Professionalism, attention to detail, and respect for the client’s individual needs are some of the team’s core values and the end product clearly reflected this.”


“Sara and her team were very professional throughout the whole process of creating my logo, website and contents. I felt my timings and availability were completely respected, and my ideas were heard and discussed so the final product would be just what I had envisioned.”


“You’ve been an amazing team to work with and I recommend you to any language professional in need of a well designed, good-looking and inspiring website! Thank you so much!”

Noelia Fernández dos Santos, LIGHT BULB WORDS

“The team designed a great-looking logo for my translation business and a visual CV as well. They were really approachable and delivered a great service. I can definitely recommend Designing Translations!”

Yulia Tsybysheva, CHOICE OF WORDS

“Thank you Sara for your terrific work on the new business cards, email signature, and letterhead for Shark Translations! I love how they turned out and can’t wait to debut them!”

Sarah Symons Glegorio, SHARK TRANSLATIONS

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